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Post  your lyric requests, concert reviews, a message for Jeffrey or just chat amongst yourselves.

July 2008
Hey Everybody,
Please jot down a few lines about what Jeffrey's music means to you for a fan tribute book to give to Jeff.  Last time I tried to do this my pc crashed and I lost the whole thing.  So here we are getting back on that horse.  I am hoping everyone here will contribute. Please include at least your first name and city/state. A brief paragraph will do but if you've got more to say then go for it.  More is better but anything's better than nothin'. Just have it in by August 1.
March 2008
"Hero in Me" is one of the top 10 best songs ever.  I never saw you before,
so I was super pumped to see you are playing in CT.  I think I bought the
first set of tickets.  Can't wait.   


April 2007
Hey Jeffrey Gaines, Greetings,
     If it wasn't for Patti Smith when I came upon you by chance, I wouldn't have made the effort to check you out Sunday. I really felt connected with the songs, and great performance, even with the traffic in the background... so  you can add me to your list of fans. I told some of my friends about you and will check you out next time you play in Philly. You are a really good songwriter, great voice, universal message, deep, and you know how to connect with your audience. The only downside is that I bought your CD at the tent and unfortunately the CD is defective and is unplayable on some songs. I'm wondering how can I exchange it? Do you have a rep in Philly who is accessible for an even exchange? Also, I'm wondering if that was your most recent CD or what you'd recommend for the next one. I'm hoping for your original songs, mostly, and I think you performed a few that weren't listed on the CD I bought. I see by your website that you've been doing this for awhile and have quite a few recordings under your belt. You can reach me by email, I've listed my personal email below (I'm using my boss' computer, so it would be best if you'd email me at the email address I'm listing below.) Thanks and keep it up, you are totally appreciated.
Peace & blessings,
Elizabeth Flower

I have recently completed a 15 month calendar from Nov 06-Jan 08 which will have all net proceeds go to the Light of Day Foundation/ Parkinson's Foundation.  Jeffrey played at last November's Light of Day show and was more than happy to help out with this project. Everyone in the calendar has either played at Light of Day shows or appeared on a Light of Day tribute CD.
The photo of Jeffrey in the calendar I took at a performance of his this past summer in Harrisburg.
You can view the calendar and hopefully place an order (or let other people know about it) at
thanks for looking!
Guy for your photography and graphic design needs. 15 month calendar of original photography of Light of Day performers will be available soon with all net proceeds to Light of Day.
Tickets are available for Jeffrey Gaines intimate acoustic show (150 capacity) via Ticketweb.  The gig is this coming Sunday 9/10 @ Club Midway 7:30 pm in NYC.



Website devoted to:


I know a lot of your out there are not only fans of Jeffrey Gaines, but devoted guitarists as well.
I created this site with a simple goal in mind: To get all of his music transcribed into tablature, and have it in one location for anyone willing to learn his songs.

Please CONTRIBUTE what you know!

Thank you!

Hey Jeff, i stumbled across your music by accident and havent stopped listening to it since you rock and i will come out to the states from Australia to see you someday.
Hey, Jeff!
I really enjoyed the show Saturday!  But, of course, you haven't disappointed yet.  Great music!  You're a great entertainer too; I love your stories.
"I Know a Man", "Scares Me More", "Hero", "Come Out Tonight", "Toast & Tea" (well, maybe next time )  ... they are all my favorites, too.  Do you ever play "Nursery Rhyme" on stage?
Anyway, I've loved your music from the beginning.  And there's nothing better than good music LIVE !  I hope you keep coming into the Lehigh Valley & other NEPA cities for these intimate shows.  I'll reserve my spot early!
Take care!  Safe journeys! 
Bethlehem, PA
what a terrific show! you rocked last nite at bb kings! if i loved your music already, i loved it 100 times more last nite. i have never seen you with a full band, and i LOVED IT! i cant wait to see you all again very soon! the nite was perfecto! please come back to nyc soon, with the full band! amazing!
Hey Doraz!
If you're out there, get in touch ASAP. We need your contact info. And keep checking the tour dates. I believe Jeff will be coming your way soon.
I am proud of you, and Jane too.
Love ya,
Aunt Elaine
Matt C.
  Please contact me ASAP re the website.
            GLAD TO SEE ALL IS WELL! GLAD TO SAY I HAVE KNOW YOU SINCE WE WERE KIDS.    YOU SAW YOUR DREAM AND MADE IT A REALITY, NOT MANY PEOPLE CAN SAY THAT!    CONGRAD'S JEFF, HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON. ALWAYS LISTENING AND APPRECIATING  YOUR SONGS.                                                                                                               "DORAZ"  
Yo People!
The new single is out!!
Call or email the radio stations on the home page. We gotta get this going!!!
hey everybody,
if you're anywhere in the area i hope you'll join us saturday, october
1 in greenville, ky.  jeffrey is doing a special show to benefit the
red cross/gulf coast hurricane victims.  drop me a line if you need
more info.  thanks.

This is a great site. Keep up the great work. And I am not saying this because I am your husband but as a fan of Jeffrey Gaines. This is for Jeff... cannot wait for the new album and I want to hear the First Time I Ever Saw Your Face in one of your shows.
As your friend Jeff, I will say this again, your voice is getting more of that soulful sound every time I see you. This is for Kenny and Janine...thanks for all you have done for Elizabeth.  I cannot wait to meet you and hang out at Jeff's show. The way Liz talks about you two we are going to have a blast and be good friends for years.
John J.
  i i i i i i i i i i i i    go on... blow out the candles
[ @@@@@@@ ]
[ @@@@@@@ ]
Somebody told me you were celebrating your big day this month. Didn't know the date, though so I thought I'd go with mid-month. So when's the party?!!
I'll leave you with a quote from the movie Grey Owl (my favorite movie)...
"Men become what they dream. You have dreamed well."
Love you!
Hey Liz,

    It's Brian. That show really did rock, I might be going to the 26th show...
If I'm allowed. That shirt is amazing, I haven't taken it off yet!!
so much!

Hey Brian! It was great to finally meet you. Still wearing your shirt? Hope to see you at a show real soon!
Jeffrey Gaines Rocks!
I can't begin to say how Jeff's music has touched my life.  I listen to his CD's often;  especially when I'm feeling down or need to unwind.  His words
are deep and meaningful. His voice is soulful and rich. You can tell he enjoys performing for his fans and usually engages them in the concerts by
having them sing along or come onstage, etc. 
He  also seems very down to earth and friendly. He always takes the time to meet his fans and sign
autographs after the show.    

I can't say much more except that  his music
touches my soul more than any
other artist I've ever heard. 
I'm just lucky enough to live on the east
coast so I get to see him live a few times a year.  

Lisa C. White
Portsmouth, VA
Hello I stumbled on this site accidentally and felt compelled to email you ... I haven't seen JG for about 12 years live... the first time was so amazing... Cafe 99 in Charleston SC in 1992, right after Headmasters came out.  He did a free show with the local station 96 Wave.  I was only 22 and stationed at the Navy base there and my girlfriend of the time and I sat in the scorching SC heat waiting for him and boy were we not disappointed... after the show we raced to the record store and bought his CD and to our surprise he hung out for a good while and we chatted with him for a bit and he signed my CD (which I still have to this day)... keep it up with the site and I hope to see him live again someday
Charleston, WV

I have wanted to see JG for over 11 years now.  I have been a fan since his first album.  I heard "Hero In Me" in early '94 and was hooked.  I had to have that CD and everything since then.  It has always frustrated me that he doesn't get the recognition he deserves, instead we're force fed the boy bands and the Britney Spears clones.  REAL artists like JG are pushed aside.  OK, enough of my ranting.  I was living in Albuquerque, NM and missed him twice on tour because I was out of town.  I was tired of just listening to him on CD, I wanted to SEE him perform.  I live in Phoenix, AZ now and decided I waited long enough, my wife and I flew out to NJ on Saturday specifically to see JG.  He didn't disappoint, my wife and I sat on a couch and it felt like he was playing in my living room.  It was so awesome to be with other people who appreciated JG like I do(for a long time I thought I was the only one).  I brought all 6 of his CDs to sign and he was happy to do it.  He then took a picture with my wife and I.  He was even nicer than I thought he would be.  I hope it won't take me 11 years to see him again.  Love your site and will visit it often. 

Alan Hollingsworth
Phoenix, Arizona

** Thanks for the kind words, Alan. You're a true fan!
Hey, why can't we ever get Jeff down here at the South Jersey(Ocean City) area. Back in the day we used to see him perform at all the spots in the Burg, however older and with children are not able to get back there as much. How about a show or 2 this summer at one of the joints around the beach??
Saw the post on the message board looking for fans willing to contribute to having JG play a special show for big fans.......that would be great! (didnt see how to post on the message board, anywhere you click post, it brought up a link to email you, not post on board)
I'd be more than willing, but where would it be? I'm in the Boston Area, also, if it was Sat night, could get to Philly area, as my family lives down there...let me know....
Best Regards,

Joe Imhof
Hey Kenny! Sounds great. I'm in!! He is pretty great isn't he?
Send me details please.
By the way, were you at the Mansion?
-Liz Johnson
(die hard JG fan...go ahead, quiz me!)
Hey People
We are looking for a few serious Jeffrey fans who are willing to shell out a few bucks to see Jeffrey play in an intimate setting with just a few of us JG freaks. Anyone who has seen him play knows how fantastic he is. So if you are a REAL fan and are interested, please leave your contact information here.
Thank You Kenny
PS>> Please.....We only want  real serious JG fans !!!!!  
That BB King show was amazing. I love Jeff solo but with the full band he was smokin'!!I!!  Yeah, I could definitely go for hearing that again. Wouldn't want to rip him off though by doing the bootleg thing. He's the real thing and I gotta respect that. If we make enough noise here maybe he'll do it again!

Great site I have to explore it more. Hes in Morristown NJ June 4th.


Bb kings show:any one have a recording of this gig?thanks todd
Hey, is anybody going to the show in Phoenixville on Friday(5/20)? I need a ride. I'm under major stress at the moment and a Jeffrey Gaines concert would  help me keep my sanity.
3-14 -05
hey Jeffrey,
Hey what up dude?  Its your number 1 fan Brian!!  I think I might be comin to your april 1st concert at the mexican cafe.... but its not defenate my dad just needs to know if kids are allowed, if they are then im coming. I love your new album Towards The Sun, its awesome!!!  If you sing my favorite song to be free, i might jump right on stage and start singing with ya!!!   Nah just kidding I cant sing for my life, but love to do it anyways.
Hope to see you there or at some other place!!!
Brian L.  (your #1 fan)
New Year's at the Tin Angel was a blast! It was my very first time out for New Year's...well, since college, but that was all one huge blur. Sure beats last year when  I celebrated by hanging a new shower curtain.
I've seen Jeff perform at several different venues and I must say I really love the Tin Angel. The layout is weird, the stage is tiny and it's a bit distracting each time someone passes by the main act to go to the bathroom during the show. The 8-year-old inside is always singing "I know where you're going."
But in spite of all that, when Jeffrey's playing there it feels like home and none of that other stuff matters.

- Liz
Merry Christmas, Jeffrey!
Thanks for taking on the heroic task of being the real thing in a world that prefers cheap imitations.

- E. J.