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Jeffrey Gaines   1992   Listen
Tracks: 1: Hero in Me 2: Scares Me More 3: Didn't Wanna Be Daddy 4: Love Disappears 5: Fear 6: Dark Love Song 7: Why 8: No, I Don't Think So 9: Choices 10: What It Is 11: Sorry the Very Next Day 12: Headmasters of Mine


Somewhat Slightly Dazed   1994  Listen
Tracks: 1: I Like You 2: Sweet Janine 3: I Know a Man 4: Safety in Self 5: You Believe in Me 6: All the Will in the World 7: Nursery Rhyme 8: Elliot 9: Talent for Surrender 10: What Can I Do 11: Just One Thing 12: In Her Mind 13: Wish It Away  
Galore  1998  Listen
Tracks: 1: First Chapter's Last Page 2: Right My Wrongs 3: Simple Prayer 4: Step by Step 5: Belle de Jour 6: Everything 7: Praise or Blame 8: Toast and Tea 9: Goodbye 10: To Love Her Inside 11: Anything New 12: Alone 13: Leave Her to Me  
More Galore: 1.In Your Eyes 2: Villier's Terrace 3. Win 4: Riot Act 5: Make Him Believe
Always Be    2001   Listen  
Tracks: 1: Always Be 2: Shake It Off 3: In Your Eyes 4: I'll Have You 5: Back To You 6: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 7: Fall You Fool 8: Tomorrow Today 9: Your Town 10: Happy That 11: Take Me Back 12: In Your Eyes (Live) 13: Hero In Me
Toward the Sun   2003    Listen 
Tracks: 1: Falling Apart 2: Beyond the Beginning 3: Over and Over 4: To Be Free 5: Without You 6: In This Lifetime 7: Life of the Living 8: Love Me 9: Our Lie 10: Together 11: Come Out Tonight  
Jeffrey Gaines Live   2004   Listen
Tracks: 1: Falling Apart 2: I Know A Man 3: To Be Free 4: Dark Love Song 5: Love Disappears 6: Hero In Me 7: A Simple Prayer 8: Headmasters Of Mine 9: Praise Or Blame 10: Everything 11: Beyond The Beginning 12: Without You 13: A Change Is Gonna Come 14: Always Be 15: Falling Apart 16: I Know A Man 17: To Be Free 18: Dark Love Song 19: Love Disappears 20: Hero In Me 21: A Simple Prayer 22: Over And Over 23: Together 24: Beyond The Beginning 25: Without You 26: In Your Eyes  




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The cds are great but ya gotta see him live!
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Check this out!
I recently pulled out More Galore ( the bonus cd of cover songs that was included with the Galore cd) which I hadn't played since I first got it, several months ago. I had high expectations with this being the last 5 remaining JG recordings I had yet to experience and  I must admit I was a little dissapointed. None of them blew me away (except, of course, for In Your Eyes which I've heard a few thousand times now and appears on 2 or 3 other JG cds). So I put it back in it's case and forgot about it. Last week I decided to give it another shot and fell in love with Win, the very cryptic Bowie ballad (are you sure that's not Bowie?) and even moreso with Make Him Believe. In fact, I must admit I set my player on repeat and listened to that track at least 7 times straight. It's a great song and despite the fact that he didn't write it, highly autobiographical (say that that word 3 times fast). The music blends seamlessly with Jeffrey's voice and the song washes over you like the incoming surf. It's totally hypnotic.