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Q A 

My wife and I are HUGE fans... we drove to CT. last night from Ma. and loved the show at the Zen bar... I have all 5 CDs... I know the old Record Co. folded... is he signed to a new lable?  Any plans for a new CD anytime soon?

                        thanks for any info
Hi Joe,
Good questions. I know Jeffrey's been working on material for a new album
for awhile now but he says he wants to take his time with this one. I don't know if he's signed to a new label yet. I'm thinking probably not yet since he doesn't have a new product ready yet. Next time I talk to his manager I'll ask and then get back to you.
Glad to have you on board. I'd love to have a review or favorite Jeffrey memory from you to post at the cafe sometime.
No pressure.




Who wrote the song “Make Him Believe?”  And who originally recorded it? Is it the Betty Carter song? I don’t believe so, but…

I’m having trouble finding that info…



Hi Jeff,
Love that song!
Sorry for the delay. I was trying to find the answer for you. I saw on the cd that it was written by someone named Welch and I thought I read somewhere that it was someone in Jeffrey's band at the time. I listened to a preview of the Betty Carter song and it's not the same song. If I get more info I'll send it to you.

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