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What It Is . . . about Jeffrey Gaines
fans speak about the JG experience


hi all,
40 year old male, married, living in vero beach (florida).
i'm originally from connecticut and, it was 1991 (@ Toad's Place) in
New Haven where I first caught a Jeffrey Gaines show. He was
AMAZING! on stage just him and his guitar. On tour for his first
album, the show started at 9:30 PM - scheduled to last til 11. he
was allowed to keep playing and singing til the club closed at 1 AM.
Since that night, i have seen JG a total of 4 times: Toad's in New
Haven, Tuxedo Junction in Waterbury (twice) and, in a very intimate
show with only 65 people in attendance in Montclair, New Jersey.

i even had the pleasure of meeting him after the Montclair show,
where we spoke for about 5 minutes of that night at Toad's.
he's a great singer / songwriter, a VERY good showman and, even has
a pretty good sense of humor.
i've exposed many to his music, including my wife (a big fan now,
hopefully, he'll come perform in florida.

I can't begin to say how Jeff's music has touched my life.  I listen to his CD's often;  especially when I'm feeling down or need to unwind.  His words
are deep and meaningful. His voice is soulful and rich. You can tell he enjoys performing for his fans and usually engages them in the concerts by
having them sing along or come onstage, etc. 
He  also seems very down to earth and friendly. He always takes the time to meet his fans and sign autographs after the show.    

I can't say much more except that  his music
touches my soul more than any
other artist I've ever heard. 
I'm just lucky enough to live on the eastcoast so I get to see him live a few times a year.  

Lisa C. White
Portsmouth, VA

   I have wanted to see JG for over 11 years now.  I have been a fan since his first album.  I heard "Hero In Me" in early '94 and was hooked.  I had to have that CD and everything since then.  It has always frustrated me that he doesn't get the recognition he deserves, instead we're force fed the boy bands and the Britney Spears clones.  REAL artists like JG are pushed aside.  OK, enough of my ranting.  I was living in Albuquerque, NM and missed him twice on tour because I was out of town.  I was tired of just listening to him on CD, I wanted to SEE him perform.  I live in Phoenix, AZ now and decided I waited long enough, my wife and I flew out to NJ on Saturday specifically to see JG.  He didn't disappoint, my wife and I sat on a couch and it felt like he was playing in my living room.  It was so awesome to be with other people who appreciated JG like I do(for a long time I thought I was the only one).  I brought all 6 of his CDs to sign and he was happy to do it.  He then took a picture with my wife and I.  He was even nicer than I thought he would be.  I hope it won't take me 11 years to see him again.  Love your site and will visit it often. 

Alan Hollingsworth
Phoenix, Arizona
 I first heard Jeffrey sing at the Green Mountain Concert In Philly - It was the summer of '98. I was going mainly to see Kenny Loggins and James Taylor. Robert Cray and Shawn Colvin performed as well. It was a great event and a good cause - renewable energy. It was a million degrees outside and we ducked into the shade of the main stage to see and hear this guy, Jeffrey Gaines. Somebody had told me a few years back that he was worth checking out.
     Most people were scrambling for a space on the lawn where the big name artists would appear later and so there was just a small group in the audience for Jeffrey. He didn't say much and I don't even remember what he sang. What I did recall was his sincerity and his message. 
     Then, a few years later, I saw/ heard him on the WYBE telethon. This time I really listened and was impressed. I watched him play 3 times and wanted to hear more. The song "Hero In Me" really stuck with me. I thought to myself "This song is a masterpiece, an anthem - and the man is just brilliant."
      In February, 2004, I was feeling down. My life had become one huge rut. Everything was just shades of gray. I was looking for anything to snap me out of it and then ta-dah! Jeffrey Gaines was playing at North by Northwest - in my neighborhood! How weird is that? So we went (the hubby and I). We hadn't been out on a date in years.  
     Jeffrey played all the romantic and beautiful songs. His voice was smooth that night - not edgy at all. It was just what I needed to hear. It was magical. Every word, every note went straight to the heart ( it was just like that Roberta Flack song "Killing Me Softly"). He was singing just to me about me. His words gave me hope.  I realized that I had to let go of all the negativity to let in the beauty of his songs. I felt it all just melt away and in the days that followed I felt renewed and empowered to take new risks and to reclaim my joy.
     We borrowed his first cd and then ordered all the rest.  I play them every day and never get tired of them. Okay, I'm hooked. It took me awhile to come on board but now I'm here to stay ( I'm now a recruiter :).  I've lost count of all the times I've gone to see him but each time it's like the first time.
     So let my friends and family give me grief about this obsession. I admit it, the man fascinates me. He is a kindred spirit and his voice needs to be heard. And he keeps me happy. I've been miserable too many times in my life. It's not fun. I'm not going back there again. I think I'll stay with happy.

Philly, PA


     I first heard Jeff in my friend Mary's classroom. She teaches children who are gifted/talented (although I think everyone is gifted in some way). I was student teaching for special education at that time and she had the greatest books in her room to use with the kids...
     So anyway, she had one of his early cds playing...I think it was the self-titled one? And I was instantly like "who is this!!???" I hadn't seen him or anything, I just instantly connected to the music.
     From there I borrowed her cd and then bought my own and was hooked. I went to see him play and was more hooked.
     I know that back then I was going through some things with my own identity, self-esteem issues, confidence and a big breakup with someone who wasn't good to me but I was attached nonetheless.
     I remember going to shows and it felt like therapy/church. I mean that in a good way. I would sing/listen to songs like "Hero" and feel like "YES I am someone damnit!" and then "Goodbye" and that was healing to me with this guy who wasn't good to me anyway.
     His music is really a gospel of sorts with messages for life. It helps you heal from a loss (Safety in Self still helps me with the loss of my mother) or celebrate life (Happy That moves me every time) or to try new things (Scares Me More). All the songs inspire us to be better people or maybe not that exactly, but to make the most out of the life we have.

Wilmington, DE