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Just my humble opinion.
I tried to be completely objective here,

taking all elements into consideration. It wasn’t easy.

Feel free to disagree.

Send me your list and I’ll post it!


 ****  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  *** ****

* skip it               **  it's okay


*** like it            **** great song


***** love it...this one deserves a grammy!!!


****  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  *** ****  *****  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  *****

jgcd2.jpgJeffrey Gaines    (1992) *****

Stellar... Insightful ! Lyrics and vocals are powerful!


Hero In Me

 perfection...sheer genius!              *****


Scares Me More

 simple, pure, catchy            ***


Didn't Want to be a Daddy

 nice bass, insightful, honest                ***


Love Disappears

tender, expository, love the piano    ***



kinda depressing, wild harmonica   **1/2


Dark Love Song

haunting, beautiful, breathtaking, great lyrics,  magical!            *****



disturbing but heartfelt, some nice  musical   moments           **  


No, I Don’t Think So

nice drums,  vocals    ***



awesome drums, bass and vocal              *** 


What It Is

classic r&b sound, soulful         ****


Sorry the Very Next Day

Wow! Powerful, emotional tribute...

guitar reminiscent of Joni Mitchell.    *****


Headmasters of Mine

compelling, thought-provoking,

haunting, powerful, great drums! John Lennon would be proud.     ****




Somewhat Slightly

 Dazed   (1994)  ****

Impressive! Rocks!


I Like You

Cute...Fun...Early Beatles meets Elvis Costello. Upbeat and Catchy.  Good summer

beach radio tune.     ***1/2


Sweet Janine

Classic rock feel... Beatles meets Bowie  ***


I Know a Man

Wow! Nobody else writes songs like this. compassionate, insightful and thought-

provoking.      ****1/2


Safety In Self 

heartfelt tribute to Mom...

tender and beautiful.     ****


You Believe In Me

emotional…honest…powerful…great  vocal   ****1/2


All of the Will in the World

Rocks! Solid musical effort... 

classic sound.     ***


Nursery Rhyme

catchy, nice bass.   ***1/2



soulful, emotional, intense vocal  ***1/2


Talent for Surrender

Rocks!!! Classic sound.

Bowie would be proud. Crowd pleaser. Blast it!             ****


What Can I Do

compassionate, sincere plea to

humanity...beautiful. God would be proud.   *****


Just One Thing

confessional, solid sound.  **1/2


It’s All In Her Mind

Rocks! Edgy.        **1/2 


Wish It Away

Wow! Awesome song! Powerful and

haunting!   Love that bass!!! Love the

rambling guitars and the FX!   Music

and vocals are stellar! Perfect!    ***** 


I Like You

Nice sound! It’s fun. It rocks!  Blast it!   ***1/2


 Galore (1998)  ****galore.jpg

Intelligent and Passionate


First Chapter’s Last Page

rockin’ tribute to youth.                   ***


Right My Wrongs

Nice lyrics, drums, bass and soulful vocals!  Crank it up!   ****


A Simple Prayer

Perfect! Wow! Powerful!

Play this song for everybody you know.   *****


Step By Step

now that’s loyalty...wish I had a friend

like that.  ***


Belle Du Jour

ode to youth and beauty...insightful  ***



under 17 not admitted…scandalous!

nice this in the dark...props for the guts to say this out loud.             ***1/2


Praise or Blame

Wow! Powerful...Dylan would be proud. Being from all of these oppressed groups I am eternally grateful that somebody finally put this out this for your children.                                                    ****1/2


Toast or Tea

folksy, beautiful and tender tribute to the male ego...nice guitar.   ***



wake up call for troubled relationships…nice vocals.                ***1/2

To Love Her Inside

portrait of unfulfilled life… nice piano and vocal.  **1/2

                                                                        Anything New

my theme song…solid sound…nice bass  and vocals...blast it in the car!                                                            ****



Painful, hopeless, totally captures feeling of depression.  Some musical merit but I can never bring myself to listen to this one...sorry Jeff.     *1/2 


Leave Her to Me

Brilliant and beautiful...a masterpiece! Guitar, piano, strings are wonderful. Love the rain! Love the sentiment. Sultry vocals. Wow!               *****


More Galore   (1998)      ***1/2

Roller Coaster Ride


In Your Eyes  (Live)

Jeff’s best version of this song.  Love the energy from the crowd. Great vocals and reggae guitar.             *****


Villier’s Terrace

brit-rock, some musical merit but

waaaay too monotonous for me                                                       *1/2



nice Sound…strong vocal…very Bowie...cryptic and compelling.   ***1/2


Riot Act

lethargic …very Tom Petty.     *


Make Him Believe

LOVE this!!! Bass, drums, lead guitar

and vocals are interwoven seamlessly.

Beautiful, hypnotic and ambient… like the ocean  or a  watercolor painting. Put this one on repeat.              *****



Always Be      ****

There are some gems here!


Always Be

undying devotion…what every girl wants to hear.

Great wedding song.  Even better live.                                         ***1/2


Shake It Off

Rocks! Nice bass…good energy.                                 ***


In Your Eyes

nice vocal…crowd pleaser…even better live.                ****


I’ll Have You

Captivating, hypnotic and ambient. Gets me

daydreaming about tropical islands. Well-crafted,

seductive…beautiful! Nice vocal.                                                 ****1/2


Back to You

vocal akin to Elvis Costello...some nice moments        ***


The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Wow!  Powerful, pure vocal, raw and rapturous. Play this for someone you love.       ****1/2


Fall You Fool

solid music and vocals                                             **1/2


Tomorrow Today

good sound, nice bridge… needs something.                                                        **1/2


Your Town

Rocks! Nice bass and drums…awesome vocals…

crank it up!                                                                ***1/2


Happy That

Rocks! Upbeat…nice bass and guitar…

soulful vocals. Blast this in the car!                                                ****


In Your Eyes (Live) 

Oh yeah – nice crowd energy – great vocal!                                                                           *****


Hero In Me

nice guitar and vocals…great lyrics!                  *****


sun.jpgToward the Sun   (2003) *****

 This Rocks!!  They’re all good!

   Falling Apart

heartfelt  commentary on current events                                                          ***

Beyond the Beginning 

r romantic and beautiful                                   ****1/2

Over and Over

  really catchy - why isn't this on the radio?!!                  ****

To Be Free

  wish it rocked a bit more but I can relate                       ***

Without You

- my heart melts every time                                            ****

In This Lifetime

  Totally rocks! Great Lyrics!                           ****1/2

Life of the Living

-Elvis Costello meets the Beatles!  
Awesome tune and lyrics!                                                            ****1/2

Love Me

  wow, now that's honesty...raw emotion...courageous.           ***


  Our Lie 

- beautiful, haunting, heartbreaking - great vocals, well crafted                                           *****


- Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout! Powerful vocals!  Love those drums. Flawless!!                                                          *****


   Come Out Tonight 

- sweet, intimate and romantic...vocals are very Bruce.                             ****



jglive.jpgJeffrey Gaines Live    (2004)   *****

Can’t say enough about this one. Buy it! Blast it!


Falling Apart

socially relevant...better live... good energy.   ***1/2


I Know a Man

awesome song!                                                     ****1/2


To Be Free 

nice vocal, great energy                                              ****


Dark Love Song 

genius…a masterpiece…pure magic…

guitar, piano, vocals, lyrics – all flawless…even better live!          *****


Love Disappears

Definitely better live…nice piano and accordion.  Props to my man, Matt!  ***1/2


Hero In Me

Perfection! Nice crowd energy!                                                *****


A Simple Prayer

Powerful! Excellent! Love it!                                *****


Headmasters of Mine 

 powerful…great lyrics!                                 ***1/2


Praise or Blame

Bold, profound. Great lyrics. Better Live.                   *****



bold and intense…better live                                      ****


Beyond the Beginning

sweet, romantic, intense                           ****1/2


Without You

soulful, tender and beautiful                                     ****


Change is Gonna Come

pure soul, stellar vocal, great crowd energy.                                                               *****


Always Be

Jeffrey’s love song to his fans.

 Definitely better live.  Nice guitar and vocal. Beautiful.                 ****1/2



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *